HISTORY of Indian Association of Thailand

The History of the Indian Association of Thailand Better Known as IAT the UMBRELLA BODY of Indian Diaspora Living in the Thailand.

IAT has an illuminating background of being the oldest Indian Association in Thailand. It is very well recognized as the Umbrella Association, by the Indian as well as Thai Governments. Due to its historical background of this great Association, makes it different than any other Association in Thailand.

Standing From Left to Right Mr. V.K. Sukhwani Mr. M. Desraj Mr. Sardulsingh Mr. Isharsinngh Sitting From Left to Right Mr. Abas D. Vasi (Hony. Secretary) Mr. B.A. Kapasi (Chairman) Mr. Asadally A.R. Salebhai

Way back in the year 1940, this Association was the brain child of none other than the greatest and legendary Freedom Fighter ever living, Netaji Shri Subash Chandera Bose, during Netaji, spent valuable time in the Royal Kingdom of Thailand, Buma and Singapore during his visit, he addressed the Indians that I have Single Agenda, Single Dream to see my fellow Indians Free from the Evil British Rule, “I will not live in peace till I get rid of every British man out from the Indian Soil”. Therefore it is incisional for every fellow Indians, to forget their cast, creed, language & religion, and to unite under single umbrella. Due to his charismatic personality, he easily convinced all fellow Indians and they agreed, to come under single umbrella and he named this Great Association, the Indian Association of Thailand, or IAT. Indians of that age felt so proud & comfortable being together, all the founders seniors Indians, expressed their gratefulness to Netaji, for putting all Indians under single umbrella. Netaji made the point that everyone is fairly treated and heard, Members took oath, that all Indians forever shall treat IAT as the prime umbrella body. We are proud to inform the present generation that IAT played significant roll by contributing in Freedom Moments of Bharat. Many of IAT Kariya Karta were even sent to Prison for years, for involving in Freedom Moments.

The specific objective of Netaji, to form the IAT, was to unite fellow Indian living in Thailand under single Umbrella Body. We are proud to say, that we have maintained Netaji’s objectives alive till this day. IAT with the support of all Kariya Kartas, is fully committed and working hard in building IAT image high, to maintain the noble objectives led by the Netaji. We are proud to talk about our Ladies Forum and Youth Forum, who are so much dedicated that they have taken IAT many folds ahead, specially among III & IV generation Indians, who are proud today, to be the part of IAT. Hats off to Renu Bhatia and Nikorn Sachdev for giving tremendous recognition & success to IAT.

A most fatal day came, I8th August 1945, when the rumor was spread by congress that the Neta Jee’s met fatal air crash accident, which made Kariya Kartas dismayed, sad rather orphans, as Netaji led the movement with his power of passion, aggression and assertiveness. However, filially, on 15th August 1947, when objective was achieved, Indian soil was Free from the British Rule. In deed it was a matter of celebration and bonus of their great scarifications, the Kariya Kartas here in Thailand were overjoyed, the Indian diaspora under IAT Umbrella Body, held biggest celebration ever, Indians were looking forward and delighted to see the road path drawn by Netaji, that every Indian will be treated equally and no barriers of Cast, Colour, Religion, Language, for New India & united India. Freedom of India on 15th August was a great salute to the one & only a Great Legendary Netaji for his achievement, commitment and dedication. However one day the history will peak by itself, to expose falls claimers, who are claiming that Bharat was freed by them.

Shri Gurmok Singh Sachdev, Cheif Patron and Founder Member

Times passed, most of the founder Members passed away, and IAT went into dormant stage for decades. However there was one great man out of these Members, Shri Gurmok Singh Sachdev, who was consistently crying on the fate of IAT, he decided to revive IAT, and to rebuild the image of Indians by reuniting fellow Indians under IAT as per the dream of Netaji. And he knocked every possible doors of all divided Indians, approached several Indian Ambassadors, as well as Government officials and social workers. Shri Gurmok Singh’s Mission was, how to re-establish IAT, to keep Netaji’s dream alive. Finally, he succeeded to work with some of the key members of the Indian community, who showed keen interest to re-launch this Great IAT in the Year 2012. Even though some of the people try to dominate the IAT with the influence of some officials, but Shri Gurmokh Singh Sachdev, was firm on his decision, that we must run IAT under the truly democratic manner, and he announced election in 2013.


An Free & Fair election process took place monitored by the embassy of India, and a board of directors consisting of 12 members took the oath of carrying out the Flag of Umbrella Body -IAT.

Shri Raj Sachdev, Chief Advisor & Immediate Past President

Shri Gurmok Singh worked hard and made sure that the body is revived legally, re-registration was made under the Associations Act of the Royal Kingdom of Thailand, and also handed over 2 Million Baht, to the elected committee. The committee since then has been doing an extraordinary activities by working with various fields of sports activities, education, and health, social and cultural domain.

Shri Sarabjeet Singh Sachdev, Past President

IAT is totally non-profitable and non-political, supports and service the cause of Indian diaspora. After successful two terms of IAT, led by Shri Raj Sachdev, who himself has been a very active Member of Bal-Sena, of the Azad Hind Fooj, as well as Freedom Fighter. He handed over the IAT rains to the new captain, Currently IAT is led by Shri Sarabjeet Singh Sachdev with his dedicated 14 Member boards of directors are also well known Indian origin, who have contributed immensely, towards building India Thai relationship. IAT today is having around 500 members, a largest Indian Association in Thailand, the mission of IAT’s Membership strength is to have over 1000 Members, like in 1940.
Needless to mention that IAT today is as safe as it was in 2013, all the board of directors are now surviving under, another great leadership and every director is working towards building and nurturing IAT as the Umbrella Body of Indians in Thailand.

Indian Association of Thailand Committee 2022


Vande Matram
Chuan Thakur -President
Secretariat office: SSP Tower 21st Floor,
555 Soi 63 (Ekamai) Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110.